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Who Said that Style Cannot be Comfortable? 

Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans Sweater and Tomgirl Jeans  

Sweater: Topshop • Jeans: American Eagle • Sandals: Nine West • Handbag: ALDO


Sweaters are one of my favorite things about cold weather. They’re so comfortable and cozy and I love how they’re always among fall fashion trends, which allows us to feel comfortable yet, stylish. With that being said, a nice sweater and tomgirl jeans (or mom jeans) are the perfect combination and I am so excited to share this look with you. 

First of all, green is my favorite color! I saw it from all the way across the room when shopping at Nordstrom and I was immediately drawn towards it. When I finally saw what that green piece of clothing was, I fell in love with it. This frill neck sweater is from Topshop and it’s also available in bright pink in case you’re not a big fan of green. The puffed sleeves bring a cozy volume feel to it and I really like that. However, the frill detail on the neck is the one that had me sold.  It adds a feminine touch balancing the puffed look of the sweater.  

Without any doubt, the frill neck sweater goes perfectly with a comfortable, sort of relaxed but not loose looking pair of jeans, such as tomgirl, vintage cut or mom jeans. The tomgirl jeans I am wearing are from American Eagle. It’s cotton denim with no stretch and high waist (I never thought I would love high waist jeans as much as I do now).  In addition, the dark wash is perfect for the season and it easily matches anything. I must say that they run a little big, so I had to step down a size to achieve the right fit. 

Now here comes my favorite detail of the outfit… my Kenso Platform Sandals from Nine West. I can’t get over how comfortable theses babes are. The bulky heels add a boho feel to it and the velvet, ah don’t even let me get started about how much I love velvet. Seriously, I love the feel and the vintage look it brings to any outfit. Lucky you, these sandals are 40% OFF right now and Nine West offers free shipping (it can’t get better than this). 

Lastly, the adorable handbag is from ALDO. It has such a good size and I love the silver leather details on gray and white. It normally costs $50, but it’s on sale right now! You should check it out. 


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I hope you had an amazing week! Mine was very productive with tons of new exciting things going on. I just love these kinds of weeks! It gives me energy and motivation to keep on going.  

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